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the techniques generally used for encryption were considered by us, based on known decryption process. This showed that the technique use of the encryption cannot keep up with the progressing development of decryption process. Also the method of implementation of the encryption appears to be not only technically deficient, but as also been confirmed, were intentionally provided with back doors.

Our newly developed technique for encryptions, considered these identified weaknesses and therefore offers a new level of safety for users.

IT-Security Software MFT 007

The first software that uses our encryption is now in the testing phase. It manages passwords and Internet access to servers on the Internet.

The program can be adapted in many ways to the habits of the user.

Through the three modes of operation, the program 007, can be usual on a workstation (local) operated. The data are only on this station available and cannot be used in other computers.

If the passwords and accesses need to be also used for example at your work, the PC mode binding can be selected. This makes the program works over using a USB flash drive as key.

For operation on any PC mode FTP binding can be selected. The protection of the data is ensured through an FTP access, so that in case of loss or theft of USB flash drives, the data is protected.

The program can also be adapted to the language habits of the user. So the names, labels, and messages throughout the program can be changed. This allows the user even a complete translation of the program into another language. The keys and field size in the program can be adjusted to the new language by the user.

With the newly developed help-program (help-function) the user can now interactively work with the program, change the help text, enter notes and add additional comments or can delete it. It can determine the tablature and hotkey layout and pass on his created help files to other users.

The built-in password generator can create user controlled cryptic passwords, which are created with and without special characters, such as, capital letters and numbers. The password fields are read-protected, so that other programs cannot read the characters behind it.

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