Development - Walter-informatik Encryption for IT Security and 3D Software

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In the field of security software three systems are in development.

- Server based system
This system provides a new dimension in terms of safety technology dar. It uses a novel combination encryption. Through this new encryption type and the multi-step user verification to a new level of safety for the data carrying and storage can be achieved. Even highly sensitive data can be hereby save in a cloud environment and provide Global users. The system is currently still in the development phase.

- Single -user system
This system is intended for transporting data from point A to point B . It can be any file to be transferred. Provide your supplier of new changes or updates. Send your bills secure than e- mails or control your production at a remote location .

- Netwerk system
The user can this work in the network independently. The data can be stored in the network and thereby secured centrally .
It can also be transmitted to any file formats. The system is currently still in the development phase.

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